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Issues in Gender Studies: Women in The Middle East

In Bed with the Arab Spring

This section supports the teaching of gender and women’s issues through award-winning documentaries. Non-fiction works … Continue reading

A Subaltern View of Globalization: Asian Perspectives

5  Compelling Films from Asia The five documentaries we showcase today, present a subaltern experience … Continue reading

Five Powerful Sports Documentaries

It’s Not Just a Game: The Politics of Sport Today’s films present a range of … Continue reading

Three Outstanding Documentaries on Transgender and Performance

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

Life on the Stage: Transgender and Scenes of Public Performance  Transgender studies covers a broad … Continue reading

Global Soundscapes: 4 documentaries on musical crossing, alternate maps

What are the currents that channel music from Global South to the North, from East … Continue reading

Youth and Technology: Key Questions for the New Millennium

High Tech, Low Life

Works that chronicle the relation between technology and teenagers in our contemporary world  These documentaries … Continue reading

What We Can’t See: Perspectives on Waste Management, Environmental Health, and Corporate Responsibility

A mi lado

Four key documentaries advance scholarship on the links between environmental hazards and health effects, while … Continue reading

Modes of Dissidence and Protest for Civil Rights in the 21st Century

MILLIONS CAN WALK – The march for justice

Contrasting forms of activism and the art of collective action worldwide.   Distinct socio-cultural realities engender … Continue reading