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Accessing your films

You can access your films via a film link, or via our website: Once on our home-page, click on the yellow “Streaming Page” button on the top right of the page, where you will be re-directed to your university’s film page.

If your school has set up streaming access, you will see your school's name in the yellow "Streaming Page" button on the top right-hand corner of our homepage.
If your school has yet to set up streaming, or if you are not coming from an authenticated IP, the yellow button will read "Stream Now".

When you click on your school’s  “Streaming Page” button, you will be redirected to your school’s personalized streaming page. This page displays all of the films to which your school has access.

Your school’s personalized streaming page will display the films to which your institution has access.

Viewing Films

If your university has set up streaming access, then the streaming player should open automatically when you access our site from your university campus. Once you click the play button on the streaming window, the film should begin playing automatically. If you would like to stream films from off campus, then you must first log into the university’s “proxy” or “off campus” server (as you might when accessing academic articles remotely). Once logged in, the streaming player will automatically open when you access a film page. If you are not coming from an authenticated IP address, then you will receive a pop-up when you press the play button. You will also see the “Order / Watch Now” button on the film page. This means that either you are not logged into your proxy/off-campus server, you are coming from an un-authenticated IP, or your school has yet to set-up streaming access for this film. 

This is what a film page will look like when you have access to streaming and are coming from a recognized IP.
If you are not on campus or not logged in properly via your proxy server, you will receive a pop-up when you press play on the player.

Viewing Films Off Campus

If you are watching a film off campus, you need to first connect to the university’s proxy network in order gain streaming access. Many schools have a “proxy network” or “proxy server”, which allows students and faculty to access the library’s resources off campus. Generally, this involves first logging into the library’s online catalogue. Once you are logged in to the proxy server, you can access the film links the same way as you would from on campus. If you are not sure how to access your institution’s proxy server, please contact your library and they should be able to help you.


Technical Issues

If your school has access to streaming and you are visiting a film page while on campus, the streaming player should automatically open for you on the film page. If you are coming from off-campus, you must first login to your proxy-server before accessing the film page. Sometimes streaming issues are caused by the browser. Please see the suggestions below to address browser issues:

  • Try the film page from a different browser:

Sometimes changing the browser can solve a streaming issue.

  • Clear the cache of your browser:

Please see this link for instructions on clearing your cache.

If streaming is still not working for you, please fill in the following form and we will get in contact as soon as we can to get you streaming. 

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