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Modes of Dissidence and Protest for Civil Rights in the 21st Century

MILLIONS CAN WALK – The march for justice

Contrasting forms of activism and the art of collective action worldwide.   Distinct socio-cultural realities engender … Continue reading

Free to Think: Media Censorship, State Repression, and Unlikely Heroes

Five Inspiring Films on Press Freedom. Today we travel from Myanmar to Colombia, China to the … Continue reading

Migrant Workers in a Globalized World: Dreams & Nightmares

Five Personal Documentaries on Migrant Labor. 232 million. That’s the estimated number of migrant workers around … Continue reading

Five Outstanding Documentaries on the Global Food Crisis


Food Industry, Poverty, and the Environment. The best documentaries are ones that not only educate … Continue reading

FILM PLATFORM is Hitting the Net

FILM PLATFORM is hitting the Net. A beta version of the site is being launched … Continue reading

Film and Academia

FILM PLATFORM is planned to serve as a bridge between film and academia. It will … Continue reading