Dror Moreh


Dror Moreh began his career as a D.O.P and became one of Israel’s leading cinematographers. He shot a number of feature films, including:

  • Urban Feel (Berlin official competition, 1998),
  • Desperado Square (Winner of the Best Film Award at the Montpelier Film Festival).
  • and many more …

Moreh has also worked as a D.O.P for many award-winning documentaries in Israel, including One Shot, Asesino, and Underdog: A War Movie. During that time, he also directed several projects.

Moreh began working as fulltime director several years ago. His projects include:

  • The Gatekeepers: A feature-length documentary revolving around intimate dialogues with six former heads of the Shin Bet, Israel’s secret service.
  • The Rose: A 6-part documentary series about the murder of a young girl.
  • To Be Mayumana: A documentary film portraying an Israeli dance group heading to New York for their world premiere.
  • Under Cover: A 4-part docudrama about undercover police officers.
  • Sharon: A feature-length documentary about the reasons why Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, considered the “Father of  Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories,” agreed to implement the Gaza Disengagement Plan. The film was selected for the official Panorama program at the 58th Berlin Film Festival..
  • Occupational Hazard: A documentary film portraying an Israeli journalist’s journey into Iraq during the Second Gulf War.
  • Caesarea: From the Dream to Reality: An animated short on the history of Caesarea, produced with a budget of $1,500,000.



Films by Dror Moreh