Göran Hugo Olsson

Born 1965 in Lund, Sweden. Olsson was educated at the Royal University of Fine Arts in Stockholm after film studies at Stockholm University. He is a Documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and manufacturer of his own innovation – the A-cam, a Super- 16 film camera. He was editor, as well as founder of the short documentary television program “Ikon” (SVT). Prior to that, he worked on another series for SVT. “Elbyl.”
Olsson is the Co-founder of the production company Story AB. He served as Commission Consultant at the Swedish Film institute during 2000-02 and has traveled the world making films, commercials, information films and music videos.
Olsson is a member of the Editorial board of Ikon South Africa – a platform for the creative documentary in South Africa. It is a joint project between Ikon/Sweden and Ikon/South Africa since 1999. The Swedish/South African Culture Partnership Programme, SABC, SFI and DAC support this alliance.