Jan Tenhaven

Jan Tenhaven never thought he would once do a film about a sports subject. In school he was one of the kids who barely received an award in high school varsity games. Even though he later started to run and successfully survived some marathons, he is always overwhelmed by the agility of the geriatric Autumn Gold heroes.

Jan Tenhaven has been making documentaries for fifteen years. His latest projects include the documentary Why We Buy about the secret seducers in marketing. He also made The War In Me about the traumas of former war children. Autumn Gold is his first cinema-documentary. The topic of sports is meant as a metaphor for the love of life, a celebration of the athlete’s defiance of mortality: life is short – run faster.

“We should get accustomed to living in a world with very old people. Let’s start to discover them as the whole human beings that they are. People who can achieve amazing things and from whose optimism and “now-more-than-ever” attitude we can learn so much.”



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