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Juan José Lozano

A Swiss and Colombian national, Juan José Lozano, was born in 1971, and studied at the National University of Colombia. An independent producer and director, he has made a series of television documentaries for the Colombian Ministry of Culture (1994-1998). In 1998 he moved to Geneva, where he made several politically committed films dealing both with his host town– exploring young foreigners’ experiences of immigration and assimilation in Un train qui arrive est aussi un train qui part, 2003, and the armed conflict in Colombia, examining its effects on the people (Le bal de la vie et de la mort, 2001 and Hasta la última piedra, 2006). Juan José Lozano has also worked as a video artist on Omar Porras and Marielle Pinsard’s stage projects, and with Philippe Macasdar at the Théâtre de St-Gervais in Geneva. Alongside all these activities, he is pursuing a literary career, with his first novel, Aquí no pasa nada soon to be published.