Kurt Langbein

Kurt Langbein, born in 1953, holds a degree in sociology from Vienna University. 1979 – 1989 documentary filmmaker and feature-journalist with ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), 1989 – 1992 Austrian news editor with the news-magazine „profil“, since 1992 at „Langbein & Partner Media“ as CEO and producer and director of several documentaries and TV-reports. Writer of several non-fiction books (e.g. Bitter Pills 1983, Guidebook to Healthfulness1986, Prolonging Life – At What Cost 1994, 1996, The Medicine Syndicate 2003, Medicine: Classified Information 2009, Pushing Down Daisies – Life After Cancer 2012). 2011 he was awarded the Leopold Ungar-Prize for his TV documentary „The Sense of Endowing“, 2013 he was accorded with the Axel-Corti-Award for Service of Excellence in Broadcasting and TV.