Olga Arlauskas

Olga Arlauskas
Director, producer
Member of the Russian Documentary Guild

Olga Arlauskas was born in Moscow in 1981.
In 1991 her family moved to Bilbao, Spain.
In 2004 she successfully completed her studies at the Faculty of Audiovisual Communication at
the University of the Basque Country.
In 2004 she was given a grant from Basque government to study filmmaking and moved back to
Russia. In 2006 she graduated as a documentary filmmaker from VKSR (Higher Courses for
Scriptwriters and Directors).
Since then she’d been working for Channel One Russia, Channel Kultura, Russia Today (Spanish
version) and made nearly 20 documentary films from intimate biopics to prime-time TVblockbusters.
In 2011 together with Nikita Tikhonov-Rau she founded a production company Artvideo Studio
Ltd., based both in Russia and Spain and specializing in current affairs and social issues artjournalism
about Russia.

Selected filmography:
Children of the state (2014)
Straigthening Sigh (2014)
In the image and likeness (2013)
In Aut (2012)
Anatomy of a soul (2012)
The Labels (2011)
To cheat death (2011)
To be together (2009)