Paul Moreira

Paul Moreira’s biography

French investigative reporter, Paul Moreira founded in 2006 Premières Lignes, a French independent television news agency, producing investigative documentaries for the major French networks and international distribution. His investigative documentary “Iraq, a nation’s agony”, produced in 2006 received numerous prestigious awards including best documentary at Monte Carlo’s International Television Festival. In 2009, he produced and directed for Canal+ “Afghanistan: On The Dollar Trail”, the documentary received best investigative award at the FIGRA international film festival and was broadcasted on numerous networks in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan, and a UK premiere at the CIJ investigative film week in 2010.
Paul Moreira created and co-anchored with Luc Hermann the investigative programme 90 Minutes on French network Canal+. The monthly investigative programme focused on international controversies, wars and conflicts, multinational corporations, health stories, as well as covering political stories in France. Paul Moreira has worked for CAPA television news agency. In 2004, with Luc Hermann, he launched a freedom of information act (FOIA) campaign to lobby French politicians. The Campagne Liberté d’Informer has organised numerous debates at universities and at the French Assemblée Nationale, and received the support of hundreds of French journalists, elected officials, lawyers. To date, more than 6,000 signatures have been submitted to the campaign’s website,

Paul Moreira’s filmography

2013 « Big tobacco : young targets »
with the collaboration of Pedro Brito Da Fonseca, 90 minutes, Canal+
2012 « In bed with the arab spring» 52’, Canal+
2012 « Bunker Cities » 52 minutes, Canal+
2012 «Tracked» 60 minutes, Canal+
Selected at CIJ Investigative Film Week in London, January 2013
2011 « Inside the Syrian Insurrection »
in collaboration with Pedro da Fonseca, 52 minutes, Canal+
2011 « Toxic Somalia, the Other Piracy » 52 minutes, Arte
jury award at Ilaria Alpi’s festival, Riccione Italy, september
2012. * Selected at Festival international du film écologique de Bourges,
2012 * Selected FIPA Biarritz
2011 * Selected at Prix Europa Berlin
2011, category Curent Affairs *
Selected at FIGRA 2011
2010 « Burma: Resistance, Business and Nuclear Secrets »
52 minutes, Canal+
2010 « WikiLeaks : War, Lies and Videotape»
co-direction with Luc Hermann, 52 minutes, Arte
2010 « Someone should have heard the screams »
with the collaboration of Pascal Henri, 68 minutes, Canal+
2009 « Smoked Out: How the American Oil Lobby has cost us 10 years »
52 minutes, France 4
2009 « The Silent Insurgency » 90 minutes, Canal+
2009 « Shattered Work » with the collaboration of Lucie Boudaud, 52 minutes,
France 4 * Selected FIPA 2010
2009 « Afghanistan, on the Dollar Trail » 57 minutes, Canal+ *Investigation award
2008 « Paedophilia in Asia: Citizens on the watch »
with the collaboration of Dominique Mesmin, 52 minutes, Canal+
*Childhood fondation’s Media price
2008 « Arms, traffic and reason of state »
co-direction with David André, 90 minutes, Arte
*Investigation award at FIGRA
2008 « Working to Death »
with the collaboration of Virginie Roels, 52 minutes, France 2
2008 « Iraq: The Agony of a Nation » 62 minutes, Canal+
*Investigation’s documentary award at FIGRA and Best documentary at the International Television Festival of Monte Carlo
2007 « Dying for Your Car » 55 minutes, Canal+
2005 « Palestine, the power of the armed rebels»
co-direction with Daniel Lainé, 90 minutes, Canal+
*Laurier du Club de l’audiovisuel 2005
2005 « Gaza, the secrets of wars shattered »
2003 « In the jungle of Baghdad »