Shosh Shlam

Shosh Shlam is the director and producer of “Last Journey into Silence” (2003 – Channel 1 Israel, Canal Plus Poland), a story about Holocaust survivors in mental institutions in Israel, which won best Documentary at the Lublin Film Festival , the best Documentary Honorable Mention at Haifa International Film Festival, was nominated for “Golden Sheaf” in Yorkton Canada and won the “Columbine Award” for Best Documentary. Her next film, “Be Fruitful and Multiply” (2005 – Channel 2 Israel, ZDF Germany) is a story about women’s oppression in the ultra orthodox society. Good Garbage (2008 – channel 2 Israel, RTL Europe, CBC Canada) describes the struggle for survival at the garbage dump in the West Bank, where Palestinians (most of them children) earn their living from the garbage of the Jewish settlers. The film won an award for Best Documentary at the Shanghai Film Festival in China, FICA Film Festival in Brazil, and an award for Best Cinematography at the Israeli Documentary Forum Awards. Recently, the film was chosen by Michele Moore for a screening at the Travers City Film Festival. Shosh holds an MA in Comparative Literature from Bar Ilan University. She is also a graduate of the Theatre Department at Tel Aviv University, and studied at New York’s School of Visual Arts.



Films by Shosh Shlam