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FILM PLATFORM handles “educational” distribution, as opposed to ”theatrical” or “home entertainment” licences. Our main customers are educational institutions, and we allow them to utilize our films in various ways: from individual viewings in the library or at home (as one might use a library book), to group screenings in classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums. Our licenses are also applicable to non-profit organizations.

A Public Performance Rights (PPR) license grants you ongoing rights to use the film for non-profit, educational screenings. For more information on PPR licenses, please click here to read more. A PPR license is granted for the life of the DVD/Blu-ray or digital file. 

A Streaming License will allow you to stream a film directly from our hosted platform. The license can be set up for streaming access on campus or via an off-campus proxy IP. A Streaming License can be obtained for a 1 or 3 year license term. To learn more about our streaming platform, please click here.

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