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Brides of Allah


The desire to be beautiful is still strong, no matter what the circumstances. The women giggle and pass around fragments of a broken mirror. This is a world which exists only behind prison walls, where a lullaby whispered lovingly in a baby’s ear echoes with the sting of hatred, where compassion and disdain live closely together, and where empowerment grows from despair. There is no black or white in this film, only painful shades of gray.
Israeli director Natalie Assouline chronicles the lives of women who are serving time in prison for involvement in terrorist attacks in Israel.


Festival Participation

  • Berlinale Forum
    Fipresci Award
  • Thessaloniki
  • DocAviv
  • Montreal
  • Cagliari
    Special Award
  • Zagreb International Film Festival
  • Cork
  • Spain
    Premios Ondas Award
  • Monte Carlo
  • Osnabruek
    Peace Film Award
  • Zurich
  • Belgrade
  • Mar del Plata
  • Sao Paolo

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