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Concerning Violence


Narrated by Ms Lauryn Hill, Concerning Violence is a bold and fresh visual narrative on Africa, based on newly discovered archive material covering the struggle for liberation from colonial rule in the late ‘60s and ‘70s.

Running Time: 90 min.
Subject(s): Colonialism, History, Human Rights
Language(s): English, French, Portuguese, Swedish
Producer(s): Tobias Janson, Annika Rogell
Cinematographer: Lis Asklund, Bo Bjelfvenstam, Ingrid Dahlberg, Lars Hjelm, Roland Hjelte, Stig Holmqvist, Per Källberg, Lennart Malmer, Ingela Romare, Leyla Assaf Tengroth
Editor(s): Michael Aaglund, Dino Jonsäter, Göran Olsson, Sophie Vukovic
Production Company: Final Cut for Real, Helsinki Filmi Oy, Louverture Films, Story AB

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