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Footprints of War


Military attacks have alarming consequences on our ecosystem. The military footprint is huge, with contaminated radioactive landscapes, millions of tons of ammunition filling our oceans, and toxic land heaps. Modern warfare accounts for ten percent of global carbon emissions – From the First World War until today, nature has come under fire.
FOOTPRINTS OF WAR presents a search around the globe and through history to uncover the extent of this modern ecocide.

Running Time: 52 min.
Subject(s): Conflicts, Ecology, Environment, Economy, European History, Military, Nature and Wildlife, Science, Technology
Language(s): English, French, German, Vietnamese
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Gregor Streiber
Cinematographer: Robert Cöllen
Editor(s): Andi Preisner
Production Company: werwiewas medienproduktion


  • The New York Times
    Makes a point about the banality of war.
  • Greenfilm Net
    An outspoken map of those places that human cruelty has condemned forever.

Festival Participation

  • CinemAmbiente - 2014
    Best Doc
  • Festival of Tolerance
  • CineEco

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