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Heroes for a Semester


Chicago. A man has been innocently imprisoned – for more than twenty years. All appeals have been rejected, and he is condemned to serving a life sentence. His only chance is a handful of law students. At the Northwestern University, several groups of students are working on cases that even top American lawyers don’t dare to tackle: cases of innocence without DNA proof. These are real life legal exercises: there is no evidence of the guilt of the people they look after – but no evidence of their innocence either – only the prisoners’ own statement.


  • Variety
    Turns on young European students at the NWU of Chicago who found evidence for the innocence of Marcus Wiggins, a man who had been innocently convicted for 46 years in prison.

Festival Participation

  • Vienna - 2014
  • American Documentary Film Festival - 2014
  • Fort Myers Film Festival
  • MiFF Milano
  • LIFF Luzern

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