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A Match Made in Heaven

Ronnie Kay 2014

Dating and matchmaking in the “Haredi” (ultra-orthodox Jewish) world has always been mysterious and intriguingly different from the secular world. At a time when the institution of marriage in the modern secular world is about to go bankrupt – increasing divorce rates, infidelity, the trend of extended bachelorhood, single parenting, etc. – the question arises: where are we going wrong? And what is it about Haredi relationships that keeps them strong and stable? How does it work?

Running Time: 57/75 min.
Subject(s): Family, Jewish Studies, Personal Story, Religion and Spirituality, Romance, Society
Language(s): Hebrew, Yiddish
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Natalie Ginat, Shay Werker
Cinematographer: Amnon Zlayet, Itzik Portal
Editor(s): Limor Fine
Production Company: Bdalak


  • The Jerusalem Post
    A serious, well-made and compulsively watchable exploration of the subject
  • Ha'aretz
    An unusual glimpse into the matchmaking process in the Haredi community — a process that is restrained and intellectual, but still human and intriguing.

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  • JIFF
  • Miami JFF
  • San Diego JFF

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