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Mona Lisa is Missing – The Man Who Stole The Masterpiece


Who was the man who stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in 1911, hid it in his flat for two years and brought it back to Italy – and what were his motivations? An unsolved mystery. Until now. An investigative trip into the history of the most famous painting of all times.

Running Time: 57/86 min.
Subject(s): Arts and Culture, Crime, European History
Language(s): English, French, Italian
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Justine Mestichelli Medeiros
Cinematographer: Joe Medeiros, Fabio Pasini
Editor(s): Leonard Feinstein, Joe Medeiros
Production Company: Midair Rose


  • Booklist
    "This personal, somewhat quirky journey into the art world, featuring historic photos and humorous animation, is both entertaining and informative"
  • The Huffington Post
    Named as one of the top 21 must-see arts and culture documentaries
  • Mona Lisa is Missing is far more than a film documenting one of history’s great mysteries; the filmmakers convey the complexities, pitfalls, and possibilities of historical research. Along the way we observe how profoundly personal one’s research can become, both in terms of the director’s connection to the subject, and also in his relationships with Vincenzo Peruggia’s family. The film reveals there is so much more behind the fantastic story of the theft of the Mona Lisa.
    Kathryn L. Jasper, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Illinois State University Normal, Illinois
  • Mona Lisa is Missing is a perfect film for 6th-12th grade students. Hugely entertaining, it will make history come alive for students who are studying history and art.
    Ronald Kaiser, Prinicpal of Lindero Canyon Middle School (1992-2012) (Bravo Award, 2010, National Blue Ribbon School, 2000), Agoura Hills, California
  • I was really impressed with the amount of history I learned without even realizing it. When it all happened in a story and with real people, it seemed so much more interesting.
    Ella Levesque, 2nd Grade Student, The Phoenix School, Salem, Massachusetts

Festival Participation

  • San Joaquin - 2013
    Special Award
  • Amelia Island Film Festival - 2013
  • Bologna - 2013
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival - 2013
  • San Antonio Film Festival - 2013
    Winner Best Historical Documentary
  • DocUtah Film Festival - 2013
  • ArcLight Documentary Film Festival - 2013
  • Salem
  • Austin
  • Mill Valley
  • Philadelphia

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