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The Network

Eva Orner 2012

With unprecedented access, Australian, LA based Academy and Emmy award winning filmmaker, Eva Orner, reveals the inspiring story of the Mohseni family – brothers Saad, Jahid, Zaid and sister Wajma – as they return to Afghanistan from Australia to help rebuild their country. They knew nothing about the media, but they know about running a successful business and are passionate about giving the Afghan people a voice that had been taken away from them for so long.


  • Variety
    Orner artfully and engagingly fashions a portrait of television as a form of entertainment and an agent of change
  • The Guardian
    This could be the pick of SBS’s typically impressive collection of summer documentaries
  • Monsters and Critics
    Non-reality TV finds a place in war-torn Afghanistan in this insightful slice of life of the fledgling broadcast industry.
    Ron Wilkinson
  • The Atlantic
    The Network, though, makes a powerful case that, whatever its limitations, a free media, in the form of Sesame Street, cop dramas, travel shows, or women dancing without headscarves, is vital if Afghanistan is ever to know peace.
    Noah Berlatsky

Festival Participation

  • The Heartland Film Festival - 2013
    Grand Prize for Best Documentary Feature
  • SXSW - 2013
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest - 2013
  • Rio International Film Festival - 2013
  • Antenna Documentary Festival - 2013
  • Bergen International Film Festival - 2013
  • CPH:DOX - 2013

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