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White Rage


Lauri is an academic researcher and respected scientist specializing in human aggression and violence. During his childhood, he experienced extreme bullying. At two points – as a teen and again as a university student – he began to develop serious fantasies about committing mass murder. The documentary goes through Lauri’s life journey; how he became a carrier of “white rage” and how he took action to fight against this phenomena and stop it from over taking him.


  • Video Librarian
    Arto Halonen imaginatively investigates the link between bullying and acts of horrific school violence... Recommended.
    Frank Swietek
  • Karjalainen
    White Rage presents incredible skillfully what the bullying causes to the target's mind.
    The viewing experience is stunning, as each of us interprets this film through our own experiences.
    This is - especially from the humanity's point of view - the most significant film of the year.
    White Rage is like a mirror in which every one of us should look into.
    Jussi Virratvuori
    White Rage is an important film that everyone should see.
    Jukka L. Savolainen
  • Karjalan Heili
    White Rage brings out new perspective in elegant and analytical way to threats
    smoldering beneath the society's surface, which do not need to happen.
    Maija Palojärvi
  • FilmiFin
    The dramatized scenes are tastefully estheticized.
    The sound design and the music created by Kirka Sainio gives a powerful effect to the film.
    White Rage is an important conversation starter, it's a peek into the mind of a bullied person,
    which in this particular target's case turned into a resource.
    Jussi U. Pellonpää
  • MTV Finland
    Effective survival story which has demand on international scale.
    Keimo Lehtiniemi
  • Iltalehti
    White Rage tells everything there is to know about anger.
    White Rage is done very skillfully. It takes a hold of you from the beginning to the end."
    Juuso Määttänen
  • Me Naiset
    In Arto Halonen’s humane documentary Kirka Sainio’s exquisite music carries the viewer through intense emotions."
    Siru Valleala
  • Episodi
    White Rage is an impressive and intense film that raises questions about the bullying and the crucial aspects of the society.
    Halonen proves to be one of the leading filmmakers in Finland.
    Jussi Huhtala
  • Turun Ylioppilaslehti
    Mixing archive materials and acted scenes with finesse creates diary feature to the film.
    Pages of memories reveal welfare state, which is only waking up to the cancer crawling inside it.
    Jouko Luhtala

Festival Participation

  • Rokumentti Film Festival - 2015
    Opening Film
  • Tampere Film Festival - 2016
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival - 2016
  • One World Prague, Prague - 2016
  • Millennium Docs Against Gravity - 2016
    Winner Fiction Non Fiction Award - Special Mention
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest - 2016
  • Blue Sea Film Festival, Rauma Finland - 2016
  • Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany - 2016
  • Karama Human Right Film Festival, Beirut - 2016
    Closing Film
  • Esperanze Film Festival, Moscow - 2016
  • Monterrey Film Festival, Mexico - 2016
  • Reyjkjavik Film Festival - 2016
  • DocsMX: The International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City - 2016
    Nominee Docuthriller Award
  • Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Amman - 2016
  • Jaipur International Film Festival - 2017
    Winner Green Rose Film with a Global Message
  • One World Human Rights Film Festival, Bucharest - 2017

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