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A spotlight on Film Platform’s latest releases

Here is a preview of some of our latest releases – all of which are currently available for you to stream on the Film Platform website, alongside hundreds of the world’s best documentary films from around the globe.

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Contact: What is the story behind history’s most iconic photographs? This 10 episode series offers a unique and fascinating journey into the contact sheets of the world renowned photographers from the legendary Magnum agency.

Night Will Fall: The story of the liberation of the Nazi Concentration camps, using remarkable archive footage and testimony from both survivors and liberators

Thank You For Playing: How can a video game address the universal complexity of grief? THANK YOU FOR PLAYING explores how the fusion of art and technology can document profound human experiences in the modern age.

Before the Last Curtain Falls:  The exceptional and heart-warming stories of a group of transsexuals and drag queens in their sixties and seventies, who summon the courage to take the stage one last time.

 Fukushima – A Nuclear Story: After waiting years to uncover the truth about the 2011 accident, a group of foreign journalists are allowed to enter the Fukushima-Daiichi power plant. Here are the events as they really happened.

Inside the Chinese Closet: Andy and Cherry are homosexuals looking for love in Shanghai, whilst their families demand a (heterosexual) marriage and a baby from them. A portrait of a nation coming to terms with new moral values.

Guantanamo’s Child – The Omar Khadr Story: An intimate portrait of how a teenager from a Toronto became the only juvenile ever tried for war crimes. Is Omar Khadr a child soldier or unrepentant terrorist?

Walls: The world is increasingly divided by walls, physically separating the human beings living on either side of them. How can we understand WALLS as a global issue?