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Protecting our Planet
April 22, 2024
Earth Day, honoring our planet and those dedicated to its preservation. Expand your knowledge with our selection of groundbreaking films covering climate change and environmental science.
Experience the magic of 'Butterfly in the Sky'
The film chronicles the legacy of the cherished PBS children's series 'Reading Rainbow' and its iconic host, LeVar Burton. The show captivated millions, introducing a generation to the joy of reading and making Burton one of television's most beloved hosts.
Explore the ocean floor:
Narrated by Jason Momoa, Deep Rising takes us into the gripping world of the ocean’s deepest depths and reveals the geopolitical dangers threatening our fragile ecosystem.
Crisis Response Needs Help
In most communities in America, the police are often the first people called to meet a mental health crisis - but for a country struggling with some of the worst mental health outcomes in the world, is the US a reliable responder?
In The Spotlight:
Anxious Nation
It started in 2019 with a single post on Facebook: "Kids and Anxiety, who is dealing with it?"
Use this film to discuss America's anxiety and mental health crisis and how destigmatization can help us learn to harness anxious energy and use it for good.
Limited time offer: "Gratitude Revealed" free for Educators!
From acclaimed filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, explore the profound impact of mindful appreciation and the mental health benefits of conscious gratitude in building connection and resilience.
Register using this invitation code: GRF-EAC, and enjoy the film!
Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops - Free Streaming For All U.S. Law Enforcement
Back again by popular demand! Join the over 1,500 law enforcement agencies utilizing their free access of Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops. Use the code EJCC-LE23 to register.

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Be first in line to access the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning documentary Kiss the Ground. 

Common Ground builds on its predecessor’s work, taking an investigative look at America’s food system – from the unjust foundations of our agricultural systems to the farmers and activists on the front lines of the food movement, Common Ground proposes a regenerative future that could balance the climate, save our health, and stabilize America’s economy – before it’s too late.

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