Film Platform Privacy Policy

It is very important for us to ensure that the privacy of our site users is protected at all times. Here we outline some of ways in which we use the information that we receive to help us to enhance our service, and how we safeguard against this personal data being shared inappropriately.

What details are you sharing with Film Platform?

Here are some of the situations in which you might voluntarily share your data with us:

  • Submitting an enquiry on our site
  • Placing an order with us
  • Arranging a trial of our streaming service
  • Setting up a user account to allow you to create shareable bookmarks and playlists, and participate in on-site discussions
  • Signing up to our newsletter

This information will generally include details such as name, phone number, organisation, email and mailing address.

How do we use the information that you provide us with?

The details which you submit voluntarily are used for the following purposes:

  • Communicating with our site users
  • Responding to specific requests
  • Enabling you to use specific features on our site (such as creating bookmarks to share with other users at your university)
  • Crediting you correctly for any comments you leave on our film pages
  • Personalizing your user experience (for example, only showing you film results which are available in your territory)
  • Notifying you of important changes that might affect your experience of our services (eg if your streaming licence for a particular film is about to expire.)

What other information is recorded by our site?

Some information regarding our clients and users is recorded automatically when they use our site. Our website uses “cookies”, which allows us to see your IP address and the location from which you are accessing the site pages. In fact, this information allows us to instantly authenticate our site visitors, and give them streaming access to all of the titles which they are authorised to view.

Because “cookies” help to enable important aspects of the user experience, we advise our clients to leave them turned on. However, most browsers include a function in the “Tools” menu that allows you to disable cookies, if you would rather connect to our site without cookies.

How does our site keep your personal information private?

All information regarding our clients is stored securely, and never shared with unrelated third parties, who are not affiliated with Film Platform.

Exceptional circumstances in which your information could be shared include the following:

    • If Film Platform merges with a new partner company, in which case we may need to share your information to ensure that our services and obligations to you are upheld
    • When we have our clients’ express permission to share their information in the course of providing you with requested products and services
    • Any legal requirements to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process. Additionally, any circumstances involving potential illegal activities, including suspected fraud, any possible threats to an individual’s physical safety, or violations of our Terms of Use, which might require us to exercise our legal rights.
    • User that chooses to register to a campaign initiative, his registration information can be shared with the campaign partners including partner studio, the film social impact and educational campaigns and initiatives.

How might we use non-personal information?  

Information aggregated from our customers’ interaction with our site might be shared with reputable and relevant third parties. This information would not include any personal information that might identify specific individuals. Rather, it would be amalgamated from general data relating to sales figures, website traffic, viewing statics and customer preferences. Such information would only be shared with a view to allowing us to improve and augment the services we provide our users, with solutions that are carefully adapted to your needs.

How do you consent to this use of your data?

By using our website, you are allowing Film Platform use and collect this information. If you would like to opt out of this automatic consent, please email [email protected].

You can also email us if you would like to change any of the information that you have provided us with (changing your account details, for example), or to ask that your information will be deleted, or to provide any feedback on this privacy policy.

This information will continue to be updated, to make sure that the details on this page always reflect our most current privacy policy.