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Film Platform is a premier streaming service
for educational institutions and organizational learning.

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From interdisciplinary topics to today’s most thought-provoking and impactful documentaries, our films are carefully curated to support and enrich the learning experience.

Our Difference

We make learning easy.

Our flexible streaming options, including video on demand, ensure seamless access to the films you need - and only the films you need

We’re also easy to work with.

Our all-in-one platform makes access to your documentaries easy, optimizing to your network environment and audience regulations to provide a streamlined experience. You’ll also get additional support through a tailored admin panel with access to viewership reports and screening events data.

Providing content you can trust.

As a trusted educational partner, we hold ourselves to high standards. Our films are thoughtfully chosen based on research, ethical production, and relevance to ensure we’re delivering the very best in learning and engagement.

What we stand for:

Documentaries are powerful tools that promote multicultural understanding, spur critical thinking, and deepen contextual learning. They have the ability to create change, inspire curiosity, and unite communities.

We believe visual storytelling can serve as a catalyst for democratizing knowledge. Since our founding in 2014, we have dedicated ourselves to connecting the world’s storytellers with tomorrow’s changemakers. Today, over 1,000 schools, universities, nonprofits, libraries, and organizations across the globe are utilizing our films as part of their arsenal of tools.

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Higher Education

Interdisciplinary films for faculty,
Research, and academic libraries.

K-12 & School Districts

Interdisciplinary films for teachers,
School districts, staff, and school libraries.

Nonprofits and Organizations

Films for nonprofits, professional development,
DEI, training, and impact teams.
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