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Social Work

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Founded on the principals of social justice, empathy and understanding, social work strives to protect our society and safeguard its most vulnerable members.

Social Work Collection

  • Roll Red Roll
    Roll Red Roll | Director: Nancy Schwartzman  
    Year of production: 2018| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    In small-town Steubenville Ohio, at a pre-season football party, a horrible incident took place that would garner national attention and result in the sentencing of two key offenders.
    Amateur crime blogger Alex Goddard uncovers disturbing evidence online, documenting the assault of a teenage girl by members of the high school football team.
    Explore the complex motivations of both perpetrators and bystanders in this story, to unearth the attitudes at the core of their behavior. The Steubenville story acts as a cautionary tale of what can happen when adults look the other way and deny that rape culture exists.
    With unprecedented access to police documents, exhibits and evidence, this documentary feature unflinchingly asks: “Why didn’t anyone stop it?”
  • Foster
    Foster | Director: Mark Jonathan Harris  
    Year of production: 2018| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    Drawing on unprecedented access, FOSTER explores the often-misunderstood world of foster care through compelling stories from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. The documentary mixes firsthand accounts of people navigating the system with insights from social workers, advocates and others, offering a realistic but hopeful perspective on this community.

    The documentary features the accounts of: a teenager who entered the system through tragic circumstances; a young woman transitioning to college; a former foster child who has overcome her painful past to become a powerful advocate; and a foster mother who has provided support to more than 100 children.

  • That Which I Love Destroys Me
    That Which I Love Destroys Me | Director: Ric Roman Waugh  
    Year of production: 2015| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    That Which I Love Destroys Me is a unique and powerful film by director Ric Roman Waugh. TWILDM is an uncensored look at the current epidemic of PTSD and severe mental trauma that create tremendous challenges for returning service members. A five-year labor of love, TWILDM followed two Special Operations Soldiers as they returned home after fighting.

  • Race to Nowhere
    Race to Nowhere | Director: Vicki Abeles   Jessica Congdon  
    Year of production: 2009| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    Featuring the heartbreaking stories of students across the country who have been pushed to the brink by over-scheduling, over-testing and the relentless pressure to achieve, “Race to Nowhere” points to a silent epidemic in our schools. Through the testimony of educators, parents and education experts, it reveals an education system in which cheating has become commonplace; students have become disengaged; stress-related illness, depression and burnout are rampant; and young people arrive at college and the workplace unprepared and uninspired.

  • Far from the Tree
    Far from the Tree | Director: Rachel Dretzin  
    Year of production: 2018| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    FAR FROM THE TREE follows families meeting extraordinary challenges through love, empathy, and understanding. This life-affirming documentary encourages us to cherish loved ones for all they are, not who they might have been. Based on Andrew Solomon’s award-winning, critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling non-fiction book “Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity.”

  • Like The Others
    Like The Others | Director: Constantin Wulff  
    Year of production: 2015| Country of production: Austria | Language: German (with full English subtitles available)

    Mental illness is still a taboo in our society, even more so when it concerns children. A rare insight into the daily life at a child and adolescent psychiatric centre – we meet dedicated therapists, parents and patients with very different problems, united in the struggle to feel “like the others”.

  • A Brave Heart
    A Brave Heart | Director: Sara Bordo  
    Year of production: 2015| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    From the producers of the most viewed TEDWomen event of 2013 comes “A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story,” a documentary following the inspiring journey of 26 year old, 58 pound Lizzie from cyber-bullying victim to anti-bullying activist.
    The film chronicles unheard stories and details of Lizzie’s physical and emotional journey up to her multi-million viewed TEDx talk, and follows her pursuit from a motivational speaker to Capitol Hill as she lobbies for the first federal anti-bullying bill.

  • The Genius of Marian
    The Genius of Marian | Director: Anna Fitch  
    Year of production: 2013| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    THE GENIUS OF MARIAN is a visually rich, emotionally complex story that follows Pam White in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease as her son, the filmmaker, lovingly documents her struggles to retain her sense of self. After she is diagnosed at age 61 with early-onset Alzheimer’s, life begins to change for Pam and everyone around her. Pam’s husband grapples with his changing role from partner to caregiver. Her adult children each find ways to show their love and support while mourning the slow loss of their mother.

  • The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia
    The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia | Director: James Redford  
    Year of production: 2012| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    A dyslexic high school student pursues admission to a leading college – a challenge for a boy who didn’t learn to read until 4th grade. Additional accounts of the dyslexic experience from children, experts, and iconic leaders at the top of their fields, help us to understand that dyslexia, a persistent problem with learning to read, can be as great a gift as it sometimes is an obstacle.

  • I Am Kuba
    I Am Kuba | Director: Ase Svenheim Drivenes  
    Year of production: 2014| Country of production: Germany, Norway, Poland | Language: Polish (with full English subtitles available)

    When the family business goes bankrupt, Kuba and Mikołaj’s parents are forced to leave Poland to find work abroad. “I am Kuba” is a coming-of-age film about the twelve-year-old Kuba who must take care of his eight-year-old brother while his parents are away. As times goes by, Kuba becomes a teenager and rejects the big responsibility on his young shoulders. His family is forced to make a life changing decision.
    It is estimated that in Poland alone more than 100,000 children are left by their parents who are forced to work abroad.

  • Echoes of War
    Echoes of War | Director: Joop van Wijk  
    Year of production: 2005| Country of production: Netherlands | Language: English, Spanish (with full English subtitles available)

    War and violence leave behind the dead, the wounded, the maimed, the victims and the witnesses. “Echoes of War” is a documentary with animated sequences about child survivors of wars and violent conflicts in Afghanistan, New York, Columbia and Sierra Leone. Children who have lost their parents through such tragedies take us into their lives and share their memories, nightmares and dreams. Through intertwining the children’s life stories with the animated sequences, the film offers a sensitive and moving portrayal about the consequences of war.

  • A Lion in the House
    A Lion in the House | Director: Steven Bognar   Julia Reichert  
    Year of production: 2006| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    A LION IN THE HOUSE follows the stories of five exceptional children and their families as they battle paediatric cancer. From the trauma of diagnosis to the physical toll of treatment, this series documents the stresses that can tear a family apart as well as the courage of children facing the possibility of death with honesty, dignity and humor.
    As the film compresses six years into one narrative, it puts viewers in the shoes of parents, physicians, nurses, siblings, grandparents and social workers who struggle defeat an indiscriminate and predatory disease.

  • Five Days to Dance
    Five Days to Dance | Director: Rafa Molés   Pepe Andreu  
    Year of production: 2014| Country of production: Spain | Language: English, German, Spanish (with full English subtitles available)

    Monday morning, two choreographers show up in a High School in San Sebastián, Spain. They have five days to get a classroom full of teenagers on stage and perform a dance theatre. The dance forces the teenagers to break their social roles right at the moment of their lives when such predetermined cultural positions are being solidified. As the saying goes, “If people can dance together, people can live together.”

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