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The Greatest Civil Rights Issue
of Our Time
The film The Right to Read shares the stories of an NAACP activist, a teacher, and two American families who fight to provide our youngest generation with the most foundational indicator of life-long success: the ability to read. Join the movement fighting to provide the ability to read for children of all economic, ethnic, and social backgrounds.
This Month in High Demand: Anxious Nation
It started in 2019 with a single post on Facebook: "Kids and Anxiety, who is dealing with it?"
Use this film to discuss America's anxiety and mental health crisis and how destigmatization can help us learn to harness anxious energy and use it for good.
The Call to Halt AI Development
Global computer scientists are urging a halt to AI development to address its humanitarian risks. Keep updated on AI's implications with iHuman, an unprecedented film offering inside access to its rapidly growing industry.
NEW: Born Free
Why is the US is the only country in the developed world with a rising maternal mortality rate? Explore the real cost of childbirth and the state of maternal health in modern-day America with Born Free
Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops
Free Streaming For All U.S. Law Enforcement
Back again by popular demand! Join the over 1,500 law enforcement agencies utilizing their free access to Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops. Use the code EJCC-LE23 to register.

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Check out recently added films. From the fight for women's rights, the increasing dangers of climate change, to the influential power of the global pharmaceutical industry, find out for yourself why these films are being adopted into classrooms and curriculum nationwide.