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License Terms:

Our licenses are available as 1 or 3 year terms.


Our prices vary according to license term, number of titles, and type of pricing model. We are committed to offer flexible pricing models that are built to suit your unique needs and budgets. Contact us to get more information.


Streaming Features

Streaming Quality

Our streaming platform offers an intuitive, easy to navigate, user friendly experience. Our high-speed streaming server automatically adjusts the bit-rate to ensure the highest possible viewing experience for each user.

Share, Link, Bookmarking & Playlists

Faculty and students have the option to create bookmarks and links to easily share films and particular points of interest. The clips can be tagged for easy discovery, and shared on your course page.

Skype Q+A’s with Filmmakers

In addition to our films, we also offer Skype Q+A’s with many of our filmmakers. Professors can arrange for the filmmakers to join their class via Skype, thus introducing a powerful new dimension to class debates.

Constantly Expanding Content

Film Platform is constantly expanding its catalogue of acclaimed documentaries with the freshest new films from the festival circuit. Our newest titles are automatically added to the catalogue of films available to PDA subscribers. Universities who have signed up for an annual subscription will be given the opportunity to add these new films to their collection at a radically reduced rate.

Subtitling & 508 Compliancy

Currently, we are in the process of making sure that all of our films adhere to the Section 508 Standards for Electronic Information Technology, either through subtitling or closed-captioning. We are committed to ensuring our films are accessible to users with diverse abilities. If you find a film which is not yet fully compliant, and you would like to add subtitles or closed captions, please let us know and we can provide subtitles / captions in a timely manner. (Generally within 2 weeks or less). 


To learn more about bringing the world’s best documentaries to your campus, or to arrange a trial of our platform, please contact us here.

Streaming FAQ’s:

Streaming FAQs

How do I stream the films?

Film Platform uses your university IP addresses to recognise you as one of our subscribers. Everyone logging on through this IP (either on campus, or off campus through a proxy server) are automatically identified by our platform, without additional login information.

Can I access viewing statistics for my university?

Account Administrators can access and download usage reports and viewing statistics for their university, allowing you to see the frequency with which your library patrons have streamed our films. . For those signed up to the PDA model, the system also allows you to view how many tokens have been triggered and how many remain in your account.

Does Film Platform provide MARC records?

Yes, all of Film Platform’s films come with MARC records. Film Platform can provide these records via email or you are able to access them through the OCLC or SkyRiver systems.

Will the streaming service work with my Learning Management System?

 Yes, Film Platform can be integrated into all of the leading Learning Management Systems. Each film page contains a link which can be copied into a course page for easy and immediate access to the streaming portal.

How can FILM PLATFORM help me to increase streaming usage?

We are excited to offer your school various aids in order to promote the use of Film Platform throughout your campus. These outreach methods include:

  • Marketing Materials
  • Personalised outreach to faculty and departments
  • The opportunity to arrange on-campus screenings of some of the most popular films from our catalogue.

How can users search for a film?

Your library patrons can search for films directly through the Film Platform website or using the library’s catalogue system. Our website allows users to search via title, topic, filmmaker, country, and language.

To learn more about bringing the world’s best documentaries to your campus, or to arrange a trial of our platform, please contact us here.


Subscription: Full Catalogue Subscription


Undoubtedly the best value option we offer is the full catalogue subscription. This makes all of the films in our collection available to your library users for unlimited viewing during your license period, both on and off-campus.

All new additions to our collection are immediately made available to our full catalogue subscribers during their license period. Updated MARC records are sent on a quarterly basis.

Alongside the access to the films themselves, Film Platform offers a coordinated on-campus outreach campaign. This includes complimentary screenings, personalized print marketing materials and targeted email promotions to various departments. We work with our clients to let faculty and students know about the films that would be most relevant to their interests, and encourage increased usage of the platform.


A-la-Carte: Per Title Acquisitions


Your university is welcome to license streaming access to single titles, or to pick and choose a number of films that would be of interest. You are also welcome to license one or more of our curated subject collections, containing the most relevant films pertaining to various academic fields.

When you purchase multiple titles, the per-title price of each film is reduced dramatically. Please get in touch to discuss your budget and your campus needs.




PDA stands for Patron Driven Acquisition. This model allows your library to open up our entire catalogue, whilst only paying for what actually gets used.

With PDA, each film title is available to be viewed three times at no charge. A fourth view of the film will trigger a “purchase” of a film token for the duration of the license term.

We have two different variations of PDA:

1. Our Pay-As-You-Go model

This is the option with no up-front fees or commitment. The full catalogue is opened for your library and you are contacted on a quarterly basis to let you know if any films have been triggered. At that stage, you have the option of deciding whether you’d like to take these on for a one-year or three year license.

2. Our Token model

Here you are able to take advantage of our bulk-booking discounts, by depositing a certain amount in advance to purchase PDA “tokens”. These tokens are then gradually depleted as the films in the catalogue are triggered through usage. If your school has remaining tokens at the end of your license term, these tokens are simply carried over to the following year.

Please get in touch to talk further about which of these two PDA options might work best for your library!