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Down the Rabbit Hole:
Digging into research through documentary film
July 8, 2024
In the world of research, the pursuit of knowledge can lead down many paths. Great works are often evolutionary, molting, merging, or changing into something unlike where they started. It’s something academic researchers and documentary filmmakers have in common, and you’ll find at the intersection of these two fields: the…
Long-Term Impact:
5 Films Expanding Social Impact in the Classroom
June 6, 2024
There are some documentaries that leave an indelible mark on us – or many if you’re an avid viewer. Films that take us somewhere we have never been, reveal a new perspective or enable us to dig into a moment in time with the power of hindsight. It’s often not…
In Documentaries We Trust
April 29, 2024
According to Parrot Analytics, documentary production is outpacing demand, which increased 44% over the last three years, likely due to streaming platforms rising to meet interest1. Amid our diet of scripted reality, sci-fi, and sitcoms, documentaries give us a shot of 'brain food', enabling us to examine history, issues, and…
Crisis Response Needs Help
March 20, 2024
Across the top ten wealthiest nations, America ranks third for the greatest burden in mental health and can claim some of the worst mental health outcomes in the world.1 In most communities in America, the police are often the first people called to meet a mental health crisis. On average,…