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The Transformative Power of Representation
April 18, 2022
One Approach to Cross-Cultural Understanding
February 21, 2022
"We believe in the power of small moments to carry deep meaning." -Alyssa Fedele, co-director of The Rescue List We are proud to bring highlights from the conversation hosted by the American Anthropological Association, the world’s largest scholarly and professional organization of anthropologists, and Emmy® Award-winning documentary filmmakers Alyssa Fedele…
Journalism & Documentary Films Today
November 24, 2021
We invited Professor Patricia Aufderheide to discuss relevant themes with Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, director of The Viewing Booth, a documentary that turns the camera on the viewer asking us to probe deeply into processes of objectivity and subjectivity in a world filled with non-fiction images and video readily created, uploaded, and…
Explore the Science of Joy
October 4, 2021
Revisit the conversation on finding joy in the face of inevitable adversity in life. See below selected highlights from the panel discussion. You are invited to watch the full recording of the event and share. Panelists discussed: Personal strategies of finding joy even during the most difficult times Ways to…