Available to stream: September 9, 2023 12:00 am - September 30, 2023 12:00 am UTC

Anxious Nation

A deep look into the crisis of anxiety and mental health in America
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This feature-length documentary takes a deep look into the crisis of anxiety and mental health in America, especially its impact on kids (ages 10-26) and families. We zero in on how anxiety shows up, the nurture/nature debate, what’s happening in homes and society that’s significantly adding to the problem, the crisis on college campuses, and the impact of anxiety and mental health in lower socioeconomic communities, especially the brown and black communities. We discuss stigma, loneliness, isolation, disconnection, the alarming rise in suicide, the dangers of social media, overmedication, incorrect diagnoses, and the horrific mental health ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Moving documentary… Cardinal call to action… Cannot look away.”
Lipi Roy, MD, MPH

Psychology Today
“You will not need to go further than this documentary to understand the wave of anxiety that has hit our nation.”
Jennifer Velez

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