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Ahead of the Curve


With a fist full of credit cards & a lucky run at the track, Franco Stevens launched Curve, the best-selling lesbian magazine ever published. AHEAD OF THE CURVE is a must-see documentary for anyone hoping to understand identity politics around LGBTQ+ women in the early ’90s. Against the hostile backdrop of hate crimes and family rejection, with few celebrities or politicians willing to be out publicly, Curve magazine dared to show that lesbians, queer women, and non-binary people are fully human. Franco revisits Curve’s original mission, connecting with queer women leading today who share the belief that “true visibility looks like us being the authors of our own experience” and that “any type of visibility is radical, political.”

Running Time: 98 min.
Subject(s): Arts and Culture, Disability, Gender, Human Rights, LGBT, Media
Language(s): English, Spanish
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Rivkah Beth Medow, Jen Rainin
Cinematographer: Svetlana Cvetko, Clare Major
Editor(s): Jessica Congdon
Production Company: Frankly Speaking Films


    "As outlandish as the best urban legends. Ahead of the Curve celebrates lesbian triumph while trying to find new purpose in uncertain times"
    Tracy Brown
    "An unexpectedly insightful look at a piece of lesbian history. Exuberant... told with so much heart"
    Laura Venning
    "A vivid portrait of a resilient and inspiring figure as well as a microcosm of three decades of social and cultural change"
    Peter Keough
  • BUST
    "A Must-See Documentary that people of all backgrounds will genuinely enjoy"
    Melody Heald
  • POV
    "A page of queer history gets its due. An engaging portrait of the fight for visibility and the work that still needs to be done."
    Pat Mullen
    "A valuable portrait of a great risk-taker"
    Peter Bradshaw
    “It's so rare that we are learning about queer women when we learn about queer history and culture… [This film can] make a more equitable experience about who is represented in those classes.”
    Lois Elfman
    “ZIPPY, INSIGHTFUL AND DEEPLY MOVING… First-time director Jen Rainin's portrait of Stevens, Curve's achievements and blindspots, lesbian progress during the Clinton era and the uneasiness with the "lesbian" label among many queer women today is accomplished, resonant and deeply moving.”
    Inkoo Kang
    “Welcome levity and a smart fusion of history and is that youthful zest for queer rebellion (and an adult desire to recreate it) that carries AHEAD OF THE CURVE most of all”
    Glenn Dunks

Festival Participation

  • Image+Nation - 2020
    Jury Grand Prix
  • Frameline44 - 2020
    World Premiere
  • OUTFEST - 2020
    Official Selection
  • Bentonville - 2020
    Official Selection
  • aGLIFF - 2020
    Audience Award Best Documentary
  • Reeling Chicago - 2020
    Audience Award Best Documentary
  • OUTfilm CT - 2020
    Audience Award Best Documentary
  • Long Beach LGBTQ - 2020
    Best Documentary, Best Director, Audience Award
  • Tampa International - 2020
    Audience Award Best Documentary
  • Out At The Movies - 2020
    Best Documentary
  • Milwaukee Film Festival - 2020
    Official Selection
  • BendFilm Festival - 2020
    Official Selection

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