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Anxious Nation


Anxious Nation explores and captures the many faces and facets of anxiety. This feature-length documentary takes a deep look into the crisis of anxiety and mental health in America, especially its impact on kids (ages 10-26) and families. We zero in on how anxiety shows up, the nurture/nature debate, what’s happening in homes and society that’s significantly adding to the problem, the crisis on college campuses, and the impact of anxiety and mental health in lower socioeconomic communities, especially the brown and black communities. We discuss stigma, loneliness, isolation, disconnection, the alarming rise in suicide, the dangers of social media, overmedication, incorrect diagnoses, and the horrific mental health ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Forbes
    "Moving documentary... Cardinal call to action... Cannot look away"
    Lipi Roy, MD, MPH
  • NPR
    "The film tackling the challenges of anxiety for young people"
  • Coronado Times
    "Anxious Nation gets to the heart of youth anxiety and mental health issues"
    Jennifer Velez
  • Morning Express, HLN
    "After seeing this film, I called my sister and said, 'You have to see this'"
    Susan Hendricks

Festival Participation

  • Next Generation Indie Film Awards - 2023
    Best Documentary Winner
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival - 2023
    Young Cineastes Award Nominee
  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival - 2023
  • Newport Beach Film Festival - 2022
  • Miami Film Festival - 2023
  • Coronado Island Film Festival - 2022
    The Fearless Female Filmmaker Award
  • St. Louis International Film Festival - 2022
  • Portland Film Festival - 2022
  • Annapolis Film Festival - 2023
  • Julien Dubuque Film Festival - 2023
    Best Documentary Nominee
  • The Communicator Awards - 2024
    Winner Communicator Excellence Award for Best Documentary

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