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Auroville – On The Path Of Utopia


For fifty years, Auroville, an experimental city in India a few kilometers south of Pondichéry, has achieved what many other towns tried but few succeeded: to create a haven where all can live in peace, above all creeds, all nationalities, all politics. How and why has this experience been successful? What is lifelike in this utopia? Following some of the inhabitants of this special town, dir. Fred Cebron takes us on a journey inside this unique city.

Running Time: 52 min.
Subject(s): Ecology, Environment, Economy, Nature and Wildlife, Religion and Spirituality, Society
Language(s): English, French
Producer(s): Fabienne Servan Schreiber
Cinematographer: Fred Cebron
Editor(s): Maud Coelembier
Production Company: Cinétévé

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