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At the outskirts of the Tel Aviv “bubble” a play is enacted nightly, with hundreds of work-seeking migrants and asylum seekers waiting to enter the Immigration Offices, their gateway to a better life. By midnight, hundreds of people have lined up, most of them Ukrainian. Most of them won’t get in anyway, and even the few that do will go through a procedure that doesn’t provide much chance of success. Backwards encapsulates the refugee crisis into a single night: exhausted multitudes of people patiently persisting in their effort to begin a new life—as the rest of the world sleeps.

Festival Participation

  • Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival - 2018
  • IDFA, Netherlands - 2018
    Special Jury Award for Student Documentary
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival - 2019
  • International Human Rights Film Festival, Albania - 2019
  • Astra Film Festival - 2019

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