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The toxic effects of bias make headlines every day: sexual harassment, racial profiling, the pay gap. As humans, we are biased. Yet few of us are willing to admit it. We confidently make snap judgments, but we are shockingly unaware of the impact our assumptions have on those around us. The documentary feature “Bias” follows filmmaker Robin Hauser on a journey to uncover her hidden biases and explore how unconscious bias defines relationships, workplaces, our justice system, and technology. bias contemplates the most pressing question: can we de-bias our brains?


  • San Francisco Chronicle
    "Without finger-pointing, even in an era of political and social turmoil, this engrossing documentary
    explores implicit bias and its effects on all walks of life, including the workplace and law enforcement
    arenas. The film makes a strong case that although we are all wired in some way to have bias, we have
    the ability to do something to change it."
    David Lewis
  • Cinesource Magazine
    "Bias is a crucial, powerful exposé of ourselves. The film righteously demands our close attention to its
    topic. For those who comply with this opportunity to learn, it will catalyze shifts of thoughts, minds, and,
    especially, behaviors."
    Don Schwartz
  • "Hands-down, [ bias is] the most powerful and clear communication of the origins and impact of
    unconscious bias, and a thought-provoking look at opportunities to combat the bias that we all have. It’s
    not going away, but we can embrace that reality and engineer around it if we all get creative. I left
    energized, inspired and eager to get in to action."
    James Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
  • "Bias documentary made real a concept we all know exists, and it did so in a thoughtful, brain-science
    way that was appropriately provocative at the same time. The conversations it elicited and measure of
    both self-awareness and self-disclosure were profound in many respects. This documentary is right for
    the time from the Boardroom to the classroom."
    Chris Edmonds-Waters, Chief HR Officer, Silicon Valley Bank
  • "Bias film opened our eyes to the complexity and nuance of bias through relatable, real world examples;
    we came away with a heightened appreciation for risks and harm that can manifest from unmitigated bias.
    Bravo to Robin Hauser for tackling another critical topic!"
    Julie Elberfeld, SVP, Shared Tech, Capital One Bank

Festival Participation

  • Naples International Film Festival - 2018
    Impact Film Award
  • Spokane International Film Festival - 2020
    Audience Award
  • Spokane International Film Festival - 2020
    Best Documentary Feature
  • IndieFEST - 2018
    Award of Excellence Special Mention: Documentary Feature
  • Accolade Global Film Competition - 2018
    Award of Excellence Special Mention: Documentary Feature
  • Impact DOCS Awards - 2018
    Award of Excellence Special Mention: Documentary Feature
  • IndieFEST Humanitarian Awards - 2018
    Outstanding Achievement

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