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Bitter Seeds


Bitter Seeds follows a season in a village from sowing to harvest. Ram Krishna, a cotton-farmer, must borrow heavily to afford the mounting costs of modern farming. He must put up his land as collateral. When his crop is attacked by pests, he must do whatever he can to avoid losing the family land. Adding to his burden is another duty – his daughter has reached marrying age, and he must find the money for an expensive dowry. Ram Krishna has just become a candidate for joining the ranks of the farmers who commit suicide in despair.


  • Rounding out his "Globalization Triology" with another affecting, character-driven portrait designed to indict corporate opportunism, Micha X. Peled exposes the issues underlying a rash of farmer suicides in "Bitter Seeds.
    Peter Debruge, VARIETY
  • Here is a documentary that shows what is really happening because of GMOs,” VonBreck says. “When I saw it, I knew this is such an important issue to raise awareness on. I knew we were doing important work.
    Blair Madole, BOULDER WEEKLY
  • Films like yours can put pressure on (Monsanto) to stop turning a blind eye, to stop pushing for sales in all segments of the population regardless of economic and agronomic inappropriateness, and to be socially responsible... Only public exposure and pressure and shaming will have a hope of getting them to change... And only that kind of public pressure can get governments to start listening to someone besides the companies and make policies to protect their citizens.
    U.S. Government (USDA) employee
  • Better than a Batman movie, with real villains making up their own lines
    Peter Sellars

Festival Participation

  • Telluride Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2012
    Best Green Screen Documentary
  • International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2012
    Oxfam Global Justice Award
  • Prague One World Film Festival, Czech Republic - 2012
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival, China - 2012
  • Resistance Persistence, India - 2012
  • Boulder International Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece - 2012
  • Cinema Novo Festival, Belgium - 2012
  • Movies That Matters Human Rights Film Festival, Netherlands - 2012
  • It’s All True documentary film festival, Brazil - 2012
  • Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey - 2012
  • San Francisco International Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Newport Beach Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Mar del Plata Independent Film Festival, Argentina - 2012
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel - 2012
  • Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada - 2012

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