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The Carbon Rush

Amy Miller 2012

An up-close look at the insidious tango between government and big polluters and investigates whether or not carbon offsets are distracting us from what’s really required to tackle the climate crisis. We learn that the carbon market does little if anything to reduce greenhouse gases and that these offset projects are nothing more than schemes that provide false solutions. To date, there has been over three hundred billion dollars of carbon transactions worldwide. Instead of focusing resources to move away from a fossil fuel economy, massive international trading ventures have been established as the solution.


  • …one of the finest, most carefully researched and executed political exposés of the year.
    Ezra Winton, ART THREAT
  • The Carbon Rush is an intelligent and relentlessly critical look at an under-reported aspect of the earth's environmental problems.
    Dave Markland, RABBLE.CA
  • The documentary is filled with shockingly corrupt examples such as this one and sheds light on the state of environmental concern on the corporate level, without being overly alarmist.
    Ariana Trigueros-Corbo, THE CONCORDIAN
  • This one will get you boiling.
  • She [Amy Miller] hopes that the film will make people aware so that we can “concretely look at solutions that could be put in place.
    Bessie Chow and Justine Leonhardt, THE SOURCE
  • …the movie shows the failures and abuses of the carbon projects, it also seeks to change people’s attitude toward environmental issues.
    Anne-Myriam Abdelhak, THE LINK

Festival Participation

  • Planete + Doc Film Festival, Poland - 2013
  • Montreal International Documentary Festival, Canada - 2012
  • Cinéfest, Canada - 2012
  • Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada - 2012
  • Planet In Focus, Canada - 2012
  • Rendez Vous International Film Festival, Canada - 2012
  • Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Green Nation Film Festival, Brazil - 2012

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