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Coast Modern


Traveling along the Pacific North West coastline from LA to Vancouver, the film showcases the pioneers of West Coast Modernist Architecture, and the homes that have become their legacies.
Stepping inside the most inspired dwellings on the west coast, we feel how the light and space of a classic Modernist home can work in collaboration with the natural environment, taking us back to the basics of true living – a sense of place, light, and a deep connection to the earth.


  • "Hopefully Coast Modern will open up closed minds a little further, bringing more people into the light, space, air and nature that defined a truly fertile phase of architectural design."
    Jonathan Bell, WALLPAPER

    "The end result of their research is not just footage of modern homes, but a statement about what humans need in order to live life productively and comfortably, and how modernist housing can benefit those who choose to live that way."
    Angela Carone, KPBS

    "Coast Modern is a worthy addition to the burgeoning documentary subgenre of design porn."
    Jason Anderson, THE GRID

Festival Participation

  • NorthWest Filmmakers Festival, USA - 2012
  • Honolulu International Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada - 2012
  • HotDocs Festival, Canada - 2012

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