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Cry of the Owl: The Himba in Namibia


Filmmakers Dori Caspi and Erez Laufer capture the stark yet vibrant life of the Himba, an ethnic group in Namibia’s desolate northwest. The Himba strive to preserve their traditional lifestyle amid modern threats and health crises. The documentary provides a deeply personal view of a family grappling with challenges such as TB and a lethal cattle disease, emphasizing the resilience of the Himba women across generations. This intimate portrayal contrasts their unique cultural practices, like wearing red ochre and leather, with universal themes of survival and family. Shot in 2005, the film offers a rare glimpse into the lives of the Himba, making it a vital resource for studies in African culture and anthropology.


  • Haaretz
    ...Its uniqueness lies in the intimate familiarity that it presents in connection with a way of life, in the quietness of local residents, their slow pace and their openness.

Festival Participation

  • Hotdocs, Toronto, Canada
  • Doc Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Jules Verne Aventure Film Festival, Paris, France
    Winner of Special Jury award

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