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Die Before Blossom


‘Die Before Blossom’ is a documentary about childhood transition. It focuses on two sixth grade school girls from middle class Muslim families in Jakarta, facing the greatest challenge of their young lives: the National Exam.
Whilst these girls are undergoing their own personal transition, Indonesia’s education system is also undergoing radical changes due to the pressures posed by the Islamic political parties. The once secular educational institution is now obliged to admit religious activities into the daily curriculum.


  • Chicago Reader
    Director Ariani Djalal is careful with the topic, avoiding explicit judgment of the school system's shifting regime and sticking closely to her subjects with an unadorned cinema verité style
  • Chicago Tribune
    Two girls in Indonesia are the subjects of "Die Before Blossom," an absorbing documentary that simply observes their lives as they push through the boredom of their studies, fantasize about becoming pop stars, fret about their appearance and fend off their increasingly stressed parents, who worry about their academic futures.

Festival Participation

  • International Premiere, 2014 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) - 2014
    World Premiere
  • Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival - 2014
    Silver Hanoman Award
  • Chopshoot Film Festival Indonesia - 2014
    Asian Premiere
  • DMZ Film Festival South Korea - 2014
    Silver Award
  • Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival - 2014
  • ScreenDocs Traveling Film Festival - 2014

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