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In the southernmost part of Austria things were different before 1910: around 90% of all residents spoke Slovenian; today only single digits. This decline is the result of a century-long discrimination, fed by dogged to radical nationalism and despicable ignorance in German-speaking society and politics.
In an essayistic documentary, personal conversations with family members reveal a picture of persecution, deportation, violent attacks, insidious hostility and bureaucratic hurdles. For many Carinthian Slovenians, these traumatizing experiences increasingly made Slovenian a burden outside the home.
A mother tongue is many things at the same time: identity, memory, collective as well as individual history.
What happens when your mother tongue is taken away from you in everyday life?

Festival Participation

  • Diagonale (Austria) - 2022
  • Kino Otok – Isola Cinema International Film Festival (Slovenia) - 2022
  • Festival des Neuen Heimatfilms (Austria) - 2022
  • Festival of Slovenian Film (Slovenia) - 2022
    Vesna award for special achievement
  • Filmfestival Radstadt (Austria) - 2022
  • DokuDoc Maribor (Slovenia) - 2022
  • FilmFestival Cottbus (Germany) - 2022
  • K3 Film Festival (Austria) - 2022
  • Biennale Bavaria International (Germany) - 2023
  • Balkan Film Week (Germany) - 2023

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