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Eye of the Day


Indonesia, 1988. A deep political and economic crisis forces President Suharto to resign after thirty-two years in power. Thus begins the tumultuous era known as REFORMASI. Since then, Indonesians have seen ongoing political change, protests and poverty.
EYE OF THE DAY tells of a handful of them, including the sixty-year-old-woman Rumidjah, her sons Bakti and Dwi, and her friend Ibu Sum. The film depicts their world, from harvests in the countryside to mass protests in the cities, from mysterious natural forces of the volcanoes and mountains to religious seances and pilgrimages.


Festival Participation

  • Visions du Réel Nyon - 2002
    Audience Award
  • Idée Suisse2003 - 2002
    Prix SRG SSR
  • Dutch Academy Award - 2003
    Golden Image (Gouden Beeld) Best Documentary

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