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Family Matters (Mishpuche)

David Noy 2004

How does a single heterosexual woman, who’s tired of waiting for Mr. Right, do what she desires most and give birth to a child? This dilemma challenged Dafna, until she met Itamar and Kai, a gay couple who decided to expand their family and to have a child. From this triangle springs an alternative family unit. As issues of jealousy, identity, intimacy & partnerhood arise, the film follows the newborn family through the entire process, from the initial efforts to conceive, through the pregnancy and the birth itself up until the baby’s first birthday.


  • Variety Review
    'Steadily brewing conflicts so painfully obvious as to engender a desire to shout “Look out!” mark the docu “Family Matters,” a pitiless look at the whopping pressures created when a gay couple seeks out a woman to have and raise a child together. Helmer/d.p. team David Noy and Yoram Ivry followed the triangle from their early meeting through to baby’s first birthday, by which time everyone’s shockingly poor insights into their own and others’ characters create insurmountable tension. Engrossing docu...'

Festival Participation

  • DocAviv - 2004
    Best Editing, Best Sound
  • Parnu Internatonal Documentary Film Festival - 2005
  • Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - 2005
  • Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival
  • Platform05 Athens - 2005
  • Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • Hamburg Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • Inside-Out Toronto
  • Festival de Popoli - 2005
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival
  • Brisbane Queer Film Festival
  • Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • NewFest Film Festival
  • Israfest – Israeli Film Festival Los-Angeles/ New York/ Miami - 2006

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