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Four Mothers


Israel is a war-ridden country that has claimed tens of thousands of victims. Over the years the public has leaned on the ethos of sacrifice. Generations of mothers send their sons to war without asking questions. They play their assigned roles. This film tells the story about the first time a female civil movement challenged that prevailing ethos in Israeli history when mothers to soldiers protested against the ongoing war in Lebanon. Its a film about a groundbreaking female protest in a struggle for peace. A feminist movement that inspired masses and was able to end war.


  • israelfilm.blogspot
    An inspirational story about women standing up for what they believe in our society and, as a result, causing a major change.
    Amy Kronish
  • Haaretz
    Four Mothers is now considered a textbook case of a grassroots movement that prevailed and triumphed.
    Judy Maltz
  • Haaretz
    The feature-length film, directed by Rephael Levin and Dana Keidar Levin, has a clear message for those Israelis currently wondering... whether ordinary citizens taking to the streets can ultimately affect change: Yes, they can.
    Judy Maltz

Festival Participation

  • Docaviv International Film Festival - 2020
  • Human Rights Documentary Film Days, Turkey - 2020

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