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The Good Son


The unbelievable story of 22 year old Or, who secretly finances his sex change operation in Thailand by lying to his conservative parents – and then returns home as a woman to face her new life, her family and the cost of living her dream. Will her mother and father accept her back? Will she learn to take responsibility for her actions? The Good Son explores how far we are forced to go in compromising our morals, our loved ones and everything familiar to us in order to become whole with ourselves.


  • Front Row Reviews
    A bracing documentary, showing a snapshot within the LGBT community and preserving a story, which will hopefully go on to inspire many others.
  • The Online Citizen
    LGBT rights in Israel have been described as the most advanced in the Middle East. Same-sex marriages are not performed in the country, but Israel recognises same-sex marriages registered overseas, making it the first country in Asia to do so. In Tel Aviv, the country’s second most populous city, it’s not unusual to see same-sex couples kissing, nor to attend gay parties at night.

Festival Participation

  • Secret Film Festival
  • DocsBarcelona
  • PlaneteDoc Film Festival
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
  • IDFA

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