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Harbour of Hope


This simultaneously heartbreaking and life-affirming documentary introduces us to Irene Krausz-Fainman, Ewa Kabacinska Jansson and Joe Rozenberg. In 1945, these three were among the 30.000 survivors that were rescued from German concentration camps by the Red Army and brought to the peaceful harbour town of Malmö, Sweden. There life began again. Coming to Sweden in 1945 was a defining moment in the lives of these survivors. Here they reveal their stories; from the complexities of adjusting to their new found freedom, to the mysteries and questions still haunting them today.


  • The Huffington Post
    Contains many heart-wrenching moments, like the one in which an elderly woman views naked footage of herself and her mother as they are being checked out by Swedish health authorities upon their arrival in Malmo

Festival Participation

  • Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival
  • Krakow FF
  • Nordisk Panorama
  • Mineapolis St. Paul IFF
  • San Francisco Jewish FF
  • UK Jewish Film Festival London

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