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In HOUSEWITZ, daughter and filmmaker Oeke Hoogendijk tries to find out the reason behind her mother’s categorically refusal to leave her house. Lous Hoogendijk-de Jong literally hasn’t been outside her home for dozens of years. She has a recurring nightmare which she puts down to the day when as a Jewish girl she was taken from her house and deported to the Nazi camps. What seems perfectly ordinary in this film at first sight – a woman in a living room watching tv with her cat – gradually turns into an oppressive reality where the inside and outside worlds are at odds and housemate Holocaust is a daily presence.

Festival Participation

  • IDFA - 2021
    Jury Mention for Best Dutch Film
  • IDFA - 2021
    2nd Place Audience Award
  • DOK.fest Munich - 2022
  • Thessaloniki Doc Festival - 2022
  • HOT DOCS - 2022

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