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How to Say Silence


After her grandmother dies, the director finds an old photo with a writing on the back: “A week after abortion.” But she knew her grandmother could not conceive, and that was why she adopted a son, the director’s father. She then sets on a journey, knowing very little about where it would lead. At a crucial moment, she learns of her biological grandmother, an Iraqi immigrant who conceived out of wedlock. Her journey exposes a system of patriarchal oppression, leading the director to break the bond of silence that connects her grandmothers and herself.

Running Time: 59 min.
Subject(s): Family, Gender, LGBT, Personal Story, Women
Language(s): Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Uzi Karin, Kastina Communication LTD
Cinematographer: May Abadi-Grebler
Editor(s): Sharon Yaish
Production Company: Kastina Communication LTD

Festival Participation

  • Docaviv International Film Festival - 2021
    Best Debut Film
  • Israeli Film Critics Association - 2021
    Best Documentary Film
  • This Human World - 2021
  • Boston Women's Film Festival - 2021

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