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Huxley on Huxley (FT)


Huxley wrote BRAVE NEW WORLD in 1933. Laura and Aldous maintained a compelling personal and professional union until his death in 1963. Laura Huxley continued writing until her death in 2007. In the 1950’s, the Huxley home was the center of the artistic and intellectual avant-garde of Los Angeles.The Huxleys passionate search to find higher levels of consciousness included their controversial experimentation with psychedelic drugs. Their revolutionary and provocative work in the 50’s and 60’s had a major influence on contemporary cultural history.


  • Huxley on Huxley documents a powerful connection between writer and muse
    Reed Johnson, Los Angeles Times
  • Huxley on Huxley offers a compelling glimpse of Laura Huxley’s life with literary giant Aldous Huxley
    Susan Granger
  • Heady stuff
  • The endearing documentary Huxley on Huxley (out on DVD) explores the author’s creative years (and) the influence of Huxley on the more thoughtful wing of the ‘60s counterculture
  • HUXLEY ON HUXLEY offers a compelling glimpse of Laura Huxley's life with Aldous Huxley
    IDA ,
  • A recommended release and one that’d be good to pick up
  • Mary Ann Braubach beautifully crafted a unique doc about the fringy, inspiring woman, Laura Huxley. From a conservative upbringing to a swinging marriage, “Huxley on Huxley” is the story of love, loss, sex, drugs, and bouncy balls. The farthest from cliché, you’ll cry a bit, laugh a bit, and fall totally in love with Laura Huxley. I cannot recommend this film enough

Festival Participation

  • Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, Netherlands - 2008
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Greece - 2009
  • FIPA, France - 2009
  • Women in Film Festival, USA - 2009

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