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Italy Love it or Leave It


Gustav and Luca are both Italian. Gustav believes the time has come for them to go abroad too while Luca wants to convince him that there are many good reasons to stay, that Italy is full of passionate and committed people who every day carry on a silent battle to change things for the better.
They agree to give themselves 6 months to see if they can fall in love with their country again. They will go on a journey across their boot-shaped land in an old Fiat 500, in search of emblematic stories, anecdotes, people.


  • "The most charming, sparkling and playful documentary of the festival..."
  • "... full of visual inventions ****"
    Guiseppe Ferrante, LA REPUBBLICA
  • "irresistible"
    Alberto Crespi, L’UNITA
  • "...a convincing manifesto of resistance"
  • "...a breath-taking, stunning and poetic roadmovie experience..."
    Fiona Ehlers, DER SPIEGEL
  • "With a light touch. Known almost exclusively by their first names back home, Hofer and Ragazzi have become, with their high-profile films, in some ways Italy's first official gay couple."
  • "I can't help but root for Hofer and Ragazzi to stay in Rome. Italy Love It or Leave It shows them to be talented, convincing storytellers."
  • "...effervescent... Could make it palatable to a wider-than-arthouse audience..."
    John Anderson, VARIETY

Festival Participation

  • Brussels European Film Festival, Belgium - 2012
    Audience Award
  • Doxa Festival, Canada - 2012
  • Seattle International Film Festival, USA - 2012
  • Hot Docs Festival, Canada - 2012
  • Honolulu Film Festival, USA - 2012
    Best Documentary Award
  • Festival Cinéma Italien, France - 2012
    Special Mention
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece - 2012
    Audience Award
  • SXSW, USA - 2012
  • Annecy Film Festival, France - 2011
    Youth Jury Award
  • Rio Film Festival, Brazil - 2011
  • Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden - 2011
  • Milano Film Festival, Italy - 2011
    Audience Award

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