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Lone Twin


At the age of 20, director Anna Van der Wee lost her twin brother, an event that had a great impact on her life. By investigating the bond between twins, she hopes to understand what it means to be a twin, and what one looses when one of them dies.
The bond between twins has fascinated people over the centuries. They share something that goes beyond any ordinary relationship: it has the unconditional factor you don’t often find in a partner. Van der Wee traveled the world and talked to many twins and experts. The result is a very intimate pilgrimage during which she finally finds the answer.


  • Dork Shelf
    Lone Twin equates losing a twin sibling as losing a family member, a best friend, and part of one’s soul at the same time, and it does a fine job showing just how awful that truly sounds.
  • The Star
    When asked to ponder the prospect of losing her sibling, Denise turned speechless and was pressed to tears.

Festival Participation

  • Ghent Film Festival - 2011
  • IDFA Reflecting Images - Panorama - 2011

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